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CCEC Credit Union At CCEC, we're dedicated to community economic development!




The Mission of CCEC Credit Union is to fulfill its Statement of Purpose by:

Meeting the financial needs of members;
Enhancing the capacity of the non-profit, co-operative and small business sector of the community we serve;
Providing leadership in fostering economic democracy in our community and the credit union system
Our Statement of Purpose:

To promote group solutions to individuals' problems through the development and maintenance of co-operatives and self-help groups responding to basic human needs and community needs, and supporting one another.
To support and promote responsible action in the areas of social justice, racial and sexual equality, worker democracy, and conservation.
To develop, support, and promote models for economic organizations that foster and further community, consumer, and worker control, and membership.
To provide ourselves with needed financial services at reasonable costs.
To educate ourselves and the larger community in the areas of finance, economics, and politics, toward the end of obtaining a more equal distribution of wealth.
To maintain a workplace open to worker participation in determining responsibilities, accountability for work performed, and the quality of worklife.



Financial Serv./Inclusion, Microfinance

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