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Cercle Social Cercle Social's mission is to improve access to secondary education for disadvantaged youth in Benin (West-Africa), and provide them with the necessary tools to secure further studies and employment. Cercle Social is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization register with the secretariat of the state of Texas.

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Examination of the statistics of general secondary education in Benin over the period of 1994-2005, reveals that the number of students in middle and high school more than tripled, increasing from 107,043 in 1994 to 377,618 in 2005. The percentage of students in middle private school increased in the same period from 8% to 17.3% . According to PDDSE (2006-2015), the percentage of repeaters in middle school went from 22% to 20.8% from 1999 to 2005, and from 20.1% to 16% in high school during the same period. These statistics show some improvements in the education system and a reduction in repetition rate.

Regarding dropout rate, it is estimated in 1998 at 10.31% in middle school (compared to 12.76% in 1991) and 13.21% during the same year for high school (compared to 18.08% in 1991) . The main reasons for dropping out of high school cited by women in 2001 are in order of importance: not liking school (27%), failing to exams (24%); pregnancies (15%), and incapacity to pay school fees (34%).

In addition, the main evil plaguing the Beninese education system is the lack or insufficiency of material, human and financial resources. Education is not yet free in fact so that most students, especially in rural areas, do not have the minimum required: they do not have books or notebooks; mainly due to their parents’ poverty and illiteracy.

Cercle Social was born in November 2010 in the vision to address this issue. The mission of the organization is to contribute to the improvement and development of secondary education in Benin by designing and implementing socio-educational projects. More specifically, Cercle Social objectives are to:
- Promote quality education in Benin
- Promote girls’ enrollment
- Facilitate access to schools in rural areas
- Encourage sports and cultural activities
- Educate and train students in civic education

For now, Cercle Social implements two main projects: a scholarship program and a computer lab program:

• The scholarship program is the first and primary activity of the organization.
This project aims to grant scholarships to disadvantaged students in rural areas. Tuition fees are paid and school supplies (books, notebooks, pens, etc.) are granted.

• The computer project aims to give rural students a chance to learn basic computer software. To do this, a computer room has been fitted and equipped in partner College. The objective of this project is not only to familiarize students with the computer tools, essential nowadays, but also to enable them to carry out long-term income-generating activities in computer field.


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