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Chrysalix The Chrysalix Global Network (CGN) is the most active cleantech venture investor network in the world.

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As one of the longest standing pure play cleantech venture capital firms, Chrysalix EVC is 100% focused on clean energy investments. We help build early stage companies by investing in breakthrough sustainable innovations that address the economic, energy and environmental challenges facing some of the world’s most energy intensive industries: oil and gas, electric power and utilities, chemicals and materials, and mining and metals.

Since being founded in 2001, Chrysalix EVC has discovered some of the most exciting technologies driving the clean energy industry. We are actively invested in 15 portfolio companies including GlassPoint, MineSense, General Fusion, GaN Systems, InvenTys Thermal Technologies, and Axine Water Technologies.

Our exceptionally strong technical team has more than 140 years of relevant experience in the energy and venture capital industries. We provide early-stage financing, hands-on support, and strategic connections to companies developing game-changing technologies that will drive the multi-trillion dollar new energy economy.

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Clean and Green Technology; Energy; Environment, Climate Change; Natural Resources / Conservation; Tech

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  • US, Canada
  • Europe
  • Southeast Asia