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Forever Sanitation Forever Sanitation Ltd use unique equipment to empty pit latrines in slum areas of cities where Cesspools cannot reach due to planning of the cities.

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Forever sanitation ltd use a unique equipment to empty pit latrines in slums.
Because most households in slum areas of Kampala are situated in low-lying areas with a high water table, there is thus a regular need for pit emptying services. Forever Sanitation Ltd uses the gulper and barrels to empty and transport sludge to the treatment plant. The customers pay 30,000/= ($12) per 220 liter barrel. This is affordable to the household because they would otherwise have to pay a minimum of 250,000/= ($100) per for 1,000 liters of sludge using the Cesspool truck and that is only if there is an access road to the pit latrine to be emptied. While for the same quantity of sludge emptied (1,000 liters), a Forever Sanitation Ltd customer would only pay 150,000/= ($59), and more so even less because the customers decides the number of barrels they can afford as long as our service can enable them be able to re-use the pit latrine facility. Investment Capital into this business was 1,350,000/= ($540), and for each barrel that we empty a customer pays 30,000/= ($12). We are using a pick-up truck with a capacity of 6 barrels meaning that for every trip we generate 180,000/= ($72. We are hiring this pick-up at a cost of 70,000/= ($28) per trip, labor and disinfectants costing a total of 45,000/= ($18). After all these expenses, Forever Sanitation Ltd is able to make a profit of 65,000/= ($26). This profit would however be up to 135,000/= ($54) per trip if Forever Sanitation Ltd owned a pick-up truck and did not have to hire. On average Forever Sanitation Ltd is able to make 2 trips a day. We also are able sell Pit Odour Killing disinfectant to customers. We buy a 20 liters jerrycan at 250,000/= ($100), and we apply each 1 liter of this disinfectant to customers pits (dissolved in to 5 liters of water) at 35,000/= ($14), meaning for every 20 liters, Forever Sanitation Ltd is able to make a profit of 450,000/= ($180). For customers who would want to have this disinfectant at their homes we sell a 20 liter jerry can at 300,000/= ($120) making a profit of 50,000/= ($20).


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