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Funders Club FundersClub is a new type of venture capital platform, built around a unique online marketplace that allows accredited investors to become equity holders in FundersClub-managed venture funds.




Invest in startups and receive insider access to pre-vetted startups. Low minimum investment sizes. While traditional firms offer online tools to vet deals, FundersClub typically require in-person participation and paper documentation. FundersClub operates entirely online. Each funded FundersClub startup benefits from the capital, the advice, and the professional networks of its associated venture fund, and are spared from the overhead of interfacing with a crowd of investors by receiving capital in a traditional venture capital fund format. Investors benefit from greater access to private investment opportunities, a more convenient investment process and the ability to diversify with relatively small amounts of capital.

FundersClub Venture News is a social news and commentary platform enabled by FundersClub, powered by the private investor ecosystem, and focused on providing highly relevant news for individual enthusiasts of private investing.



Agriculture; Arts, Culture, Handicrafts; Civic Participation; Clean and Green Technology; Communications / Media / ICT; Disabilities; Disaster Recovery; Distribution / Supply Chain; Education; Employment, Livelihood, Income Generation; Energy; Enterprise Development, SME; Environment, Climate Change; Fair Trade, Organic Products; Financial Serv./Inclusion, Microfinance; Food and Nutrition; Health; Housing, Shelter, Homelessness; Mobile; Natural Resources / Conservation; Peace and Security; Sanitation, Waste Management; Tech; Training, Technical Assistance Services; Water; Web, SaaS, Online Tech; Women, Girls

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  • 5: Financial Return First

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