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Imagine H2O Imagine H2O is a nonprofit organization with a mission to inspire & empower people to solve water problems. Our vision is to turn water challenges into opportunities.




The Imagine H2O Competition & Accelerator

We host business plan competitions addressing specific water opportunities including Water Efficiency, Water-Energy Nexus, Wastewater and Consumer Innovations. We offer not only cash prizes for the best ideas, but an accelerator program to help competing entrepreneurs turn their plans into transformational solutions. Our open innovation programming helps entrepreneurs identify problems that have social impact and major commercial market opportunities. Imagine H2O connects the most promising plans with world leaders in the water sector, government, and social enterprise to help turn new ideas into self-funding, high impact solutions.

Our impact is direct - new solutions to key water problems, and systemic – developing the Silicon Valley for water, an ecosystem of stakeholders to the next great water innovations.

Why Are We Doing This?

The struggle for clean water is the challenge of our time. We’re entrepreneurs, so to us, that means it’s our greatest opportunity. Ever thought about where your water comes from? How much you use? Whether it will be there tomorrow when you turn on your tap? Over a billion people lack access to clean water. Right now. Even in the US, pollution, scarcity, and a crumbling system of pipes and facilities threaten our water supply. Availability of clean water and sanitation will be the dominant issue of the coming decades, touching everything from human life to health and economics. We’re turning these problems into opportunities.

Join Imagine H2O's global ecosystem for water innovation to learn more about the competition and connect with water innovators from around the world.

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Sanitation, Waste Management; Water

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  • 1: Social Return First

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