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Peru Opportunity Fund links smallholder farmers to the information, simple technologies and capital they need to enhance their productivity and make informed choices about their land, their crops and their livelihoods.

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After nearly a decade of funding projects throughout rural Peru in these three programmatic areas, the trustees started thinking about how they could focus the foundation’s energy and have more impact. In 2011, after several months of reflection, information gathering and discussion, the board of trustees concluded that small-scale farming was a topic of global significance and deep importance in Peru, as well as of personal interest to board members. The Fund’s board voted to focus the bulk of its grantmaking on one area: sustainable agriculture for rural Peruvian farmers.

The new focus is a natural extension of the Fund’s work in the past; some 54 percent of our grant and loan funds have been allocated to agricultural projects. Peru Opportunity Fund’s new strategic goals address the impediments to farmers increasing their productive and economic capacity.



Agriculture; Food and Nutrition

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