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Radicle Capital At Radicle Capital, we help sustainable, early-stage companies adjust to the conditions of the modern business environment.



Radicle Capital can be found at the very intersection of business expertise and social responsibility. The firm was established with the purpose of helping companies, organizations, and funds that foster the ideals of generating a social and environmental impact. These young, emerging ventures may range from farm-to-table food producers, to eco-friendly product suppliers, to any number of environmentally friendly and socially responsible entrepreneurial startups.

Prospects can be rooted local to Radicle Capital in Louisville, Kentucky, or in states across the nation, and even globally. It is the idea of Radicle Capital that prospects be primed to grow even larger by way of their owners’ dedication to doing well by doing good.

By making responsible investment decisions, funding the brilliance of its own local community, and reaching across borders around the globe, Radicle Capital hopes to develop a greater, more global community and appreciation of resources by germinating the world’s seedlings in business.



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  • 5) Starting to See Strong Revenue Traction

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