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Resilient Capital Resilient Capital™ is committed to enhancing the social, economic, and environmental well-being of communities by providing patient, flexible capital to eligible social enterprises and blended-value businesses. The program helps organizations grow by giving them access to financial capital that is not commonly provided by other financial institutions.

Private Equity; Venture Capital; Venture Philanthropist



Deposit Investors support Resilient Capital™ by making long-term Resilient Capital Term Deposits with Vancity. These term deposits earn interest and are 100% insured*, eliminating the downside risk. Deposit Investors benefit from a predictable, steady return over five, six or seven years depending on the deposit term chosen.
Deposit Investors do not directly participate or have an economic interest in the potential gains or losses in the underlying investments or loans to be made by Vancity under Resilient Capital to qualified social enterprises and blended value businesses. Just like any other Vancity term deposit, Deposit Investors will be entitled to a fixed rate of interest prescribed for their term deposit and a return of their principal on maturity. Based on the support of the Deposit Investors, the founding partners, Vancity and Vancouver Foundation, have created a first-loss reserve in support of the investments to be made under Resilient Capital. The risk of these investments and loans beyond this reserve will be borne by Vancity.
Vancity intends to make a variety of investments in social enterprises and blended value businesses through Resilient Capital, ranging from loans to equity investments. The program focuses on three key objectives:
maximizing community impact;
maximizing the scope to develop new models and sources of financing and investment; and
maximizing awareness of the importance of social innovation and leadership in the social sector.



Agriculture; Arts, Culture, Handicrafts; Civic Participation; Clean and Green Technology; Communications / Media / ICT; Disabilities; Disaster Recovery; Distribution / Supply Chain; Education; Employment, Livelihood, Income Generation; Energy; Enterprise Development, SME; Environment, Climate Change; Fair Trade, Organic Products; Financial Serv./Inclusion, Microfinance; Food and Nutrition; Health; Housing, Shelter, Homelessness; Mobile; Natural Resources / Conservation; Peace and Security; Sanitation, Waste Management; Tech; Training, Technical Assistance Services; Water; Web, SaaS, Online Tech; Women, Girls

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