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Cause Collective Equal parts think tank, startup incubator and investment fund, Cause Collective is rethinking the way businesses are conceived, built and nurtured.

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Cause Collective is a community of social entrepreneurs, mentors and investors working together to create meaningful change in the world. At the heart of our ecosystem is the core mission to help others pursue their vision through collaborative entrepreneurship and innovation.

Entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to collaborate on any project in our portfolio that aligns with their mission, or submit an idea of their own for consideration. Throughout every step of the process, entrepreneurs are supported through a network of mission-driven professionals who see the value in using business as a catalyst for change and are inspired to share their gifts with the world. Once a business has established sufficient traction, members of the collective have the option to secure funding through our vast network of impact investors.

From idea to exit, we're with you every step of the way.


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Cause Collective offers a collaborative approach to business development through a supportive community of social entrepreneurs, industry experts and impact investors. We are currently focused on exploring innovative solutions that lie at the intersection of design and technology.

We begin by identifying problems that we feel are addressable through existing, or future innovations in technology. We then crowdsource solutions from our global network of members, who are responsible for brainstorming solutions within their own localized network and then submitting a pitch deck of their business solution. We review pitch deck submissions at the end of each month and select those which we feel are most viable to be developed and scaled into a revenue generating business, with the ongoing support of our community.

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Passionate about using design and technology to create elegantly simple solutions to complex social and environmental issues.

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