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Finance for Change Finance for Change offers a range of formats for potential investors to get inspired, learn, connect and invest for impact. It is an Impact Hub Berlin offering initiated and developed in collaboration with Social Impact Markets. Embedded in the Impact Hub Berlin and its network of 80+ locations around the world, Finance for Change links to finance programs and initiatives that run throughout the Impact Hub Network. The first offering is an Investor Bootcamp which takes place on 13 and 14 May at the Impact Hub Berlin. More information and registration on

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Why Finance for Change?
A new generation of entrepreneurs uses innovation and entrepreneurial means to tackle social and environmental challenges. Whether they revolutionize production technology in the garment sector, create entrepreneurial services for refugees or tailor mobile solutions for underserved communities, those entrepreneurs have proven to be highly effective in tackling some of the world's most pressing social and environmental challenges. But impact-driven entrepreneurs are not able to unfold their full potential. They lack financial capital in addition to human and social capital especially in the early stages of their development as well as a conducive eco-system.
In the last decade there has been tremendous interest and investment activity in innovative investment and finance products and vehicles that achieve both financial return as well as social and environmental benefits. According to the annual impact investing survey by JP Morgan, the global volume of impact oriented investment assets under management increased by 30 percent between 2012 and 2014 and is currently estimated at EUR 11 billion. In both developing and developed countries the number of financial institutions, corporations but also development organisations and foundations exploring new opportunities in this new field is increasing. Pioneers have spearheaded and collaborated on hybrid finance structures to match different risk-return profiles of a philanthropic, public and return-seeking investors and funds.

Finance for Change has been created as a catalytic offering to make the nascent field of impact oriented investing and innovative finance accessible to a wider audience in both the D-A-CH region and other European countries.

The Investor Bootcamp on 13 and 14 May at the Impact Hub Berlin is the first in a line of the new offerings under the Finance for Change program (Details and registration on More offerings will follow in the coming months.


Program Details

The Investor Bootcamp is the first offering under Finance for Change. It will be held on 13 -14 May 2016 at the Impact Hub Berlin. More information and registration on

What is it?

The F4C bootcamp is designed for finance professionals, investors and intermediaries who wish to learn more about how to use capital to achieve both an impact and financial returns. This learning experience will also benefit visionary social funders, who are in the process of exploring innovative financing and support strategies to reach their beneficiaries more effectively and who look for connections with like-minded peers.

Using interactive formats and real life case studies leading practitioners will help participants get an understanding about key topics such as:

- The world of innovative finance and impact investing: meet the players and understand the trends
- Focus on the entrepreneur: revenue and business models and financing needs
- An impact investors investment strategy: leadership, resources and market needs
- Unpacking impact: why, who, what and how?
- Financial and non-financial instruments: options, implications and lessons learned
- Pitfalls along the investment cycle: from selection to exits
- Pitching: How to listen to a pitch effectively?


We are honored and proud that outstanding practitioners and pioneers in the international impact investing and social finance field agreed to share their extensive experience including:

- Rodney Schwartz, Founder & CEO of ClearlySo United Kingdom
- Karim Harji, Co-founder & Director of Purpose Capital Canada
- Ryan Little, BMW Foundation Germany
- Lena Gansterer, Program Director, Investment Ready Program Impact Hub Vienna Austria.

How to register?

There are only a few more places available! Please apply soon, we expect to close registration by 17 April 2016. More information and registration on or contact us directly in case of any questions! And please forward to your network!

Do you like what we do? Partner with us!

Would you like to support the Investor Bootcamp as an official outreach partner or as a financial sponsor? Would you like to develop future Finance for Change offerings with us such as a quarterly Investor Forum or just brainstorm on some initial ideas please get in touch!

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