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FYSE FYSE works on three strategic pillars of social entrepreneurship, employability and leadership – especially benefiting the economic and social empowerment of women and youth.

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FYSE is on the mission is to support social entrepreneurship as a powerful driver for job creation, innovation and sustainable economic and social development in developing and emerging markets.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, we work on the three strategic pillars of entrepreneurship, employability and leadership – especially benefiting the economic and social empowerment of women and youth.

FYSE came into being in late 2008 and has since implemented and supported programs and research across developing and emerging economies in Asia, including China, Bangladesh, India, Philippines and Indonesia.

FYSE is a public charity exempt under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance in Hong Kong. Our identification is #1720915


1. Thought Leadership
Our research provides expert analysis about social entrepreneurship in Asia. In addition to distribution through our report, newsletter and the FYSE blog, our founder Andrea Lane provides presentations around the globe.
Latest Publication: 2012 China Social Enterprise Report.

2. Enterprise and Economic Development Programs
Entrepreneurs don’t act in a vacuum; it takes a vast community of stakeholders to start up and scale up solutions to our most pressing social and environmental challenges. We launch and support collaborative, cross-sector and path-breaking initiatives that inspire, launch and assist social entrepreneurs to take their enterprises to the next level.

3. Leadership Programs
The World Economic Forum stated that beyond access to capital, access to talent is the second biggest barrier to progress We design and implement innovative leadership programs, either focusing on improving skills and knowledge within the social sector or programs with special attention to women in developing and emerging markets.

4. Ecosystem Development
We work with impact investors and foundations interested in engaging with social entrepreneurs in China as well as with companies focusing on supporting employability, entrepreneurship and leadership with special attention to women. Lastly, we assist social enterprises and nonprofits to develop, improve and scale social enterprise activities.

5. Building Bridges
Social entrepreneurs possess unique experiences and insights into not just local and global social and environmental challenges but also solutions to those challenges. FYSE connects professionals, students, companies and social innovators with social entrepreneurs to tap into these unique insights, enabling them to avoid duplicating inefficiencies and to speed up development.


Program Details

Social Entrepreneurship Program | Spark:Her

A comprehensive development model to the uniquely support female social entrepreneurs who are not satisfied with leading small enterprises, but who have the ambition and desire to lead high-impact social ventures that have the potential for scale. Spark:Her program has established three goals:
- Inspire and connect the next generation of women social entrepreneurs through our the Women in Social Enterprise Conference Series and an pre-incubation program, the Spark:Her Academies.

- Support women to launch and scale sustainable and high-impact social enterprises through incubation and capacity-building. Since 2012 we are support women-led startups through a one-year incubation program.

- Build an ecosystem of support by building partnerships and engaging key stakeholders in supporting women social entrepreneurs.

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  • Agriculture
  • Arts, Culture, Handicrafts
  • Civic Participation
  • Clean and Green Technology
  • Communications / Media / ICT
  • Disabilities
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Distribution / Supply Chain
  • Education
  • Employment, Livelihood, Income Generation
  • Energy
  • Enterprise Development, SME
  • Environment, Climate Change
  • Fair Trade, Organic Products
  • Financial Serv./Inclusion, Microfinance
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Health
  • Housing, Shelter, Homelessness
  • Mobile
  • Natural Resources / Conservation
  • Other
  • Peace and Security
  • Sanitation, Waste Management
  • Tech
  • Training, Technical Assistance Services
  • Water
  • Web, SaaS, Online Tech
  • Women, Girls

supporting ventures in these regions

  • Central Asia
  • India
  • Southeast Asia


  • For Profit
  • Non-Profit
  • Hybrid