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HackerNest HackerNest is a grassroots, volunteer-run citizen sector (nonprofit) movement with a holistic approach to poverty alleviation: we build local tech communities & empower them with more relevant/accessible peer-based tech education.

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HackerNest is a volunteer-run, grassroots nonprofit movement that builds up tech communities globally. We grew from 1 to 15 cities across 4 continents this past year. And we're constantly seeking to grow more and better with your interest and support.

Your interests:

1) Community

We make the tech community more accessible to the masses by running down-to-earth, nonpartisan, hyper-inclusive Tech Socials that are open to all. 80-90% of the 300-400 nerds coming out on the last Monday of every month (in Toronto alone) are technical.

We're agenda-free - there's no hidden sales pitch. We have sponsors looking to recruit now and then, but they're upfront and quick about it - opening remarks, announcements, and sponsor intros are done in 10 minutes. The remaining 3.5 hours is all socializing.

The distinctly unpretentious atmosphere we've cultivated encourages people to actually make new friends, NOT network (defined as looking for people to impress so you can use them later). Folks are genuinely interested in what you have to say rather than just waiting for their turn to talk. It's not about founder matching, pitching, recruiting, or any of that - it's about finding interesting common ground and actually relating to each other. This is why people refuse to leave at closing time and come back month after month.

The ~1:5 female-to-male ratio at our Tech Socials is pretty neat compared to the 1:25+ at other events. One of the recommendations HackerNest made at the City of Toronto's Deputy Mayor's roundtable on technology was that more aggressive educational programs encouraging girls to engage in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) should be implemented in middle and high schools since, for many girls, university is "too late" as social and societal pressures have taken their toll. This is something we'll be pushing for via learn.HackerNest.com.

2) Education

We'll soon have sponsors providing free computer and internet literacy workshops to the broader community via the learn.HackerNest.com platform. We are also partnering with an organization called Free Geek Toronto (a United Way nonprofit) that repairs older computers and donates them to charities/poor communities.



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