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US, Canada; Latin America; Europe; Middle East / North Africa; Subsaharan Africa; India; Southeast Asia; Central Asia; Oceania; Global

NYU Reynolds Program in Social Entrepreneurship Equips cutting-edge leaders to think boldly, act swiftly and build smartly, transforming changemakers into global social entrepreneurial gamechangers, and intractable challenges into practical solutions.

Fellowship Program



At the intersection of new ideas and long-standing social challenges lies the New York University Reynolds Program in Social Entrepreneurship, a provostial cross-university initiative that identifies global changemakers and transforms them into social entrepreneurial game changers. Encompassing all of New York University’s (NYU) undergraduate and graduate schools, this first-of-its-kind fellowship program founded in 2006 engages global challenges through a new vision of practice-based education, one that equips cutting-edge leaders to think boldly, act swiftly and build smartly. Reflecting our deep belief that a university is in a unique position to prepare great numbers of people for large-scale success in the social change space, the program also offers comprehensive opportunities and resources to the entire NYU and greater NYC social entrepreneurial communities including the Social Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century Speaker Series, the R.E.A.L. Workshop Series, the Changemaker Challenge Social Venture Competition, and a continually expanding and evolving classroom and virtual-based curriculum in social entrepreneurial practice for undergraduate and graduate students at NYU and around the world.



  • Agriculture
  • Arts, Culture, Handicrafts
  • Civic Participation
  • Clean and Green Technology
  • Communications / Media / ICT
  • Disabilities
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Distribution / Supply Chain
  • Education
  • Employment, Livelihood, Income Generation
  • Energy
  • Enterprise Development, SME
  • Environment, Climate Change
  • Fair Trade, Organic Products
  • Financial Serv./Inclusion, Microfinance
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Health
  • Housing, Shelter, Homelessness
  • Mobile
  • Natural Resources / Conservation
  • Other
  • Peace and Security
  • Sanitation, Waste Management
  • Tech
  • Training, Technical Assistance Services
  • Water
  • Web, SaaS, Online Tech
  • Women, Girls

supporting ventures in these regions

  • Central Asia
  • Europe
  • Global
  • India
  • Latin America
  • Middle East / North Africa
  • Oceania
  • Southeast Asia
  • Subsaharan Africa
  • US, Canada


  • For Profit
  • Non-Profit
  • Hybrid
  • Other