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Our Mission: The Rosie Network (TRN) is a non-profit founded by military spouses whose focus is to promote military family owned businesses to the American public, who wants to support these families in a meaningful way. Our free search engine allows the public to easily locate businesses owned by a vetted military spouse or veteran, in their local communities and across the country. Since our official launch in January 2014, we have now over 1200 registered businesses across the country.

We are not just an indexed listing, each military family owned business registered with The Rosie Network creates a customized business profile page at no cost, establishing a worry free marketing tool for their business. TRN also actively promotes our military family owned businesses, by bringing them to the forefront at community events across the nation with our Rosie Small Business Expos.
The Need: With unemployment rates of over 30% - more than twice the national average – military spouses and veterans are turning to entrepreneurship as a viable alternative to traditional employment. With the recent cutbacks in our Military, 80% of our businesses surveyed state they ‘need to work’ to help support their families. The problem is that 90% are in jobs they are ‘vastly overqualified for’ while making 28% less than their civilian counterparts, despite obtaining higher levels of education. Another key factor are the frequent moves the majority of military families face, they are more likely to move every two to three years, resulting in employment uncertainty. As a result, these talented and skilled entrepreneurs create their own businesses by becoming their own boss.
What Your Support Means:
1-Rosie’s List – Search for Vetted Military Family Owned Businesses
2-Rosie’s Small Business Center-Training Programs & Mentorship for our Businesses
3-Rosie’s Small Business Expos- Bringing our registered businesses to local community events across the nation, to showcase their products & services to the American public.
4-Rock the Dot! Campaign-Small Business Grants-Giving these entrepreneurs the means to turn their dream into a reality, or use the funding to help their business prosper.


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Promoting: Bringing Military Family Owned Businesses to the forefront in local communities and across the nation.

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