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Youth Cooperative and Enterprise Academy The Youth Cooperative and Enterprise Academy is an initiative of the African Youth Development Foundation aimed at jumpstarting socio-economic reforms among youths through massive enterprise development training and funding. The academy is the extension of our Business In You Talkshow, which is an aggressive campaign we launched several years ago, to encourage young people create jobs for themselves instead of waiting for Government white collar jobs that do not exist anywhere, any more. We strongly believe that there is no better and faster way to create jobs and generate employment for the teeming unemployed youths in Nigeria than by encouraging enterprise development among them.

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The Youth Cooperative and Enterprise Academy is an initiative of the African Youth Development Foundation aimed at jump-starting socio-economic reforms among youths through massive enterprise development and funding.

The academy is the extension of our Business In You Talkshow, which is an aggressive campaign we launched several years ago to encourage young people create jobs for themselves instead of waiting for Government white collar jobs that do not exist anywhere, any more.

For us in African Youth Development Foundation (AFRYDEF), we strongly believe that there is no better and faster way to create employment for the teeming unemployed youths in Nigeria than by encouraging enterprise development among them.

All over the world today, enterprise development, which leads to private sector investments is being encouraged because that is the only engine that can drive the economy of any nation and grow it.

In Nigeria, our youths have abundant talents and skills and therefore need to be guided on how to build businesses around these skills, talents and passions.

Some of these youths are already endowed with multi-million naira skills, such as: comedy, music, drama, modeling, photography, cinematography, graphic designs, writing, public speaking, poetry, blogging, consulting, facilitation, marketing, etc, and through the “Enterprise Academy”, we shall guide them on how to build their own businesses with these skills.

Looking around us in Nigeria, we can see many youths who have become successful by building businesses this way. For example, Chimamanda Adichie has become successful and very popular by developing her skills in poetry and writing. Today, one of her novels, “Half of a Yellow Sun” has earned her international recognition and several awards. As a result, she did not only create a job for herself but for others, including her manager, publishers and others involved in publishing her works.

These are simple truths we would like our youths to realize and begin to readjust in order to embrace entrepreneurship.

To go with the Academy is a micro financing scheme, which we have carefully developed to enable unemployed young people register for any course of their choice in the Academy at a highly subsidized rate of five thousand naira (N5,000).

It is a personal franchise that runs on an automated web based multilevel marketing software, which enables every youth that signs up to raise fund by inviting others as well as qualify for a course in the Academy, raise startup capital, win bonuses and other benefits over a 5 level simplified network system.

With this scheme, all youths passing through this Academy will be graduating with a startup capital of two million (N2,000,000) naira, which will be enough for them to set up their various enterprises.

Our technical team shall be involved in the disbursement and management of the startup capital to ensure that it is put into judicious use as expected. The team shall also provide technical support and supervision until each enterprise is established and well developed.

We have worked out these plans and strongly believe that this program is one of the surest strategies of creating jobs for the unemployed in Nigeria.


Program Details

This Enterprise Academy is open to all young people, both graduates and non-graduates; as well as skilled and unskilled, wherever they may be in Nigeria.

We are eager to meet youths who are graduates but unemployed. Such people need to be equipped with skills and information they need to create jobs for themselves.

For those that are still in the universities and high schools, we need to prepare them for life after school with our entrepreneurship development messages.

We are also eager to meet Nigerian youths that are already skilled and with special talents, who are still going about looking for White Collar jobs. We shall expose them to the enormous wealth they can create with their skills.

We have a message for uneducated and unskilled youths, who were less privileged to acquire any form of training. After exposing them to the need to build businesses for themselves during our Talk shows, we shall refer them to our technical partners, where they will be equipped with special skills of their choices.

The Categories:

To be able to achieve the objectives set out for this academy, every participant must pass through four categories of training as follows:

a.) The Business in You Talk show

We decided to adopt the talk show method, which is more informal as our strategy for the awareness campaign because of the impact we want to make on our target audience, which are young people.

Most times, where seminar and workshop methods are used for presentations, such settings appear too formal and academic. That is an impression we want to avoid at this stage of the project.

b.) Special Panel Sessions

At this stage, we shall organize panel sessions where successful social entrepreneurs and innovators will be featured to interact with our participants.

This strategy will enable the participants hear from some of the successful entrepreneurs, how they started, the challenges they faced, how they overcame, the success recorded so far and the prospects in their line of businesses.

For those interested in music and acting, we shall feature prominent musicians and actors to speak with them. Those others interested in agribusinesses, we shall also bring them face to face with successful farmers.

For all the courses on offer at the Academy, we shall feature those already practicing in those fields to appear before our participants in a lively and moderated interactive session.

c.) One month Academy

The academy shall be a formal setting, where all who signed up shall be equipped with the entrepreneurship and leadership skills they need to succeed in their startups.

The duration of the academy is one month only with an option of 3 months internship for the participants.

For now, the following courses are offered during the one month class work: Introduction to Entrepreneurship; Basic Computing and Information Technology; Basic Book Keeping; Marketing Strategies; Business Planning and Modeling; Business law; Communication and Team building

d.) Internship Placement

In partnership with our technical partners, graduates of this academy shall proceed for a 3 months intensive practical training in any organization related to their skill areas of choices.

The essence of this placement is to ensure that our graduates are exposed to the workplace before establishing their own businesses.


Below explains in fuller details the rewards for participating in the Youth Cooperative Plan A:

Level 1: Sapphire partner (Benefits: N5,000 pay out + T-shirt + I.D card and Admission into Business Talk show)

This is the first stage of the Youth Cooperative Plan A. When you register for the Academy with five thousand (N5,000) naira, you are expected to invite 5 other unemployed persons to join you in the Academy. Each of them are also expected to register under Plan A with five thousand (N5,000) naira under your team, to enable you qualify for admission into the Business Talk show.

The major goal of this Business talk show is to change your mindset, which is already fixated at paid employments into becoming an entrepreneur and an investor. At the end of the Talk show, each participant will be convinced beyond any reasonable doubts that entrepreneurship or self employment is now the way to go and that paid employments have become old fashioned.

At this point, you receive a commission or a payout of N5,000 plus a branded T-shirt and membership card. In other words, you have successful regained your registration fee. That is the first earning stage under the Youth Cooperative Plan A.

Level 2: Emerald Partner (Benefits: N20,000 pay out + Admission into a Special Meet-up Session)

You will become an Emerald partner when those 5 people who signed up under you also succeed in sponsoring 5 other persons, each. That in effect means that you now have 25 people in your team.

When this is completed, you will receive a commission or payout of twenty thousand naira (N20,000) and qualify to be admitted into the Special Meet-up Session. The goal of this Meet-up Session is to feature successful young entrepreneurs to interact with our participants. In this forum, you are at liberty to ask them how they started their businesses, how they raised startup capitals, the challenges they faced along the line, how they overcame them, their future plans, etc.

NB: Team members under you also receive their own payouts, T-shirts and qualify for admission into the Business Talk show.

Level 3: Ruby Partner (Benefits: N60,000 pay out + Tablet + One month Academy + Internship Opportunity)

You become a Ruby partner, when those 25 people introduced above also complete inviting 5 people each into the Academy.

As a benefit, you receive a payout of sixty thousand (N60,000) naira, a tablet and get admitted into the main one month Academy. Here, you are prepared and equipped with the necessary skills you need to start up and succeed in your own enterprise.

The academy at this stage will run for a period of one month, during which you will be coached by professionals in various aspects of managing a business venture.

This one month training shall hold in any State, where we have partners. In addition, you shall win a tablet to enable you have access to the internet for your researches during the academy.

At the end of the one month course you shall proceed for a 3 months internship in one of our partner organizations, where you will undergo hands on practical training in your chosen skill area.

Note: At this stage, your referrals also get their payouts and other benefits accruing to them as either Sapphire or Emerald Partners as the case may be.

Level 4: Diamond Partner (Benefits: N300,000 pay out + N1,000,000 grant + Technical Supervision)

This is the penultimate stage of this fundraising scheme, which will land you with your first startup capital of one million naira (N1,000,000). This is a grant and not a loan, therefore shall not be repaid by you.

As soon as the 125 people recruited into the Academy above succeed in inviting 5 people each, you receive a payout of three hundred thousand (N300,000) naira plus the first one million naira (N1,000,000) startup grant. You will also have the privilege of working with our technical team, who shall supervise and guide you with your startup processes.

The technical team is provided not just to guide you but to ensure that the grant is judiciously used in establishing a viable enterprise that will empower you for life.

All your referrals as well get their payouts, bonuses and whatever is accruing to them at their various partnership levels.

Level 5: Platinum Partner (Benefits: N1,000,000 pay out + N3,000,000 additional grant)

For the fact that we have a definite goal of equipping young entrepreneurs with the skills and resources they need to succeed, this Youth Cooperative has only 5 levels.

This is the last stage and we strongly believe that for you to advance to this point, you must have acquired enough startup capital, skill, experience and all that you need to establish your own enterprise.

As soon as the 625 persons referred above succeed in inviting their compulsory 5 persons into the Academy, you receive another commission or payout of one million naira (N1,000,000) and an additional three million naira (N3,000,000) grant to support your already established business.

NB: All your team members as well receive what is due to them at the various partnership levels.

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