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Youth in Technology and Arts Network-YOTAN Youth in Technology and Arts Network (YOTAN) is a non-profit organization focused on youth development since its establishment in 2012. YOTAN has a mission to promote and advance the development of youth through constructive engagements and skills enhancements by helping them develop skills in the fields of Information Communication and Technology (ICT) as well as natural arts.

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Youth in Technology and Arts Network (YOTAN) is a non-profit organization focused on youth development since its establishment in 2012. YOTAN has a mission to promote and advance the development of youth through constructive engagements and skills enhancements by helping them develop skills in the fields of Information Communication and Technology (ICT) as well as natural arts.

It has a media base initiative called Footage Africa that is dedicated exclusively to human-interest investigative and developmental reporting that are evidence-based. Footage Africa brings new dynamism in the way issues affecting communities are gathered and reported to ignite and influence national development agenda.
And a youth Initiative Called STAND (Student Taking Action for National Development) which comprises of an assembly of youth from all echelons of society, mainly high school and university students, as well as out-of-school vulnerable youth working to ignite change using information communication and technology (ICT) and Arts tools as a new advocacy platform to have their say on policy issues in education, health, development; social justice, and governance.

And also STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic) initiative which seeks to increase student academic horizons, challenge them to become critical thinkers while preparing them for exciting careers in STEM fields. The program is geared toward integrating students into a cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world applications through stem clubs.

YOTAN believes investing in these sectors are important to the fight against poverty, diseases, crimes and a vehicle through which peace and sustainable development can be achieved in Liberia.

Yotan aims and objectives are:

● Serve as an instrument for the promotion of youth development in Liberia,
● Stand as a voice for marginalized communities, and Young people.
● Serve as a guidance counselor for youth education and career-path development.
● Promote governance and social justice in Liberia.
● To advance youth education through training, policy engagement, Scholarship and advocacy.
● To support the involvement of youth in agriculture and Enterprising programs.


The institution is registered as a national non-profit, accredited by the government of Liberia, and holds an affiliated Membership status with the federation of Liberian youth (fly). And Yotan is a member of the Lofa advancing youth County alliance.

YOTAN mission is to promote and advance young people's development and empowerment through skills in Information Communication Technology (ICT), and Natural Arts using these as Advocacy tools to fight Poverty, diseases, crime, fosters peace and to Promote Sustainable Development.

YOTAN envisions a Liberian society where ICT and Arts are explored to create youth-center policies aimed at promoting sustainable human development in a sound democratic space.
Our programs support the national youth policy framework. They provide prospects for youth development, remove Constraints for the advancement of young people in Liberia, and create platforms for pursuing transformative agendas as We have adopted using the following key areas of program pillars.

● Education
● Livelihood (Economic empowerment for vulnerable groups)
● Health Promotion and Advocacy,
● Governance.

YOTAN goals are

● To integrate the youthful population of Liberia to the new Development in ICT (Information Communication Technology) and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Program;

● Develop the hidden potentials of youth in ICT and the arts, thus Empowering them to become productive

● To ensure the formation of a medium-link that would enforce an ethics-based and systemic investigative reporting in Liberia.

● To use ICT and arts as rights advocacy tools in fighting Poverty, injustice, and crime, disparity and exclusion, etc.

● To enhance and support the educational status of vulnerable Youth through the provision of scholarship and skill Training programs

In 2014 YOTAN joined the civil society organizations (CSO) Ebola Response Taskforce with the objective of promoting greater coordination among CSOs and support the government and international partners’ response to the Ebola crisis. YOTAN partnered with the National Youth Movement for Transparent Elections-partner for democratic development (NAYMOTE - PADD) to foster community participation, engagement and support in addressing the Ebola Virus Disease by strengthening community led initiatives in contact tracing, household discussions and social mobilization to prevent the spread of the virus. YOTAN partnered with a NAYMOTE - PADD and developed an Ebola survivor’s reintegration package that saw eight Ebola survivors setting up small businesses for economic empowerment and earning livelihood.

YOTAN is currently implementing a project title: Our Budget, Our Future with support from the National Endowment for Democracy. The project has partnered with the U-Report Liberia in increasing citizen access to public information on Government budget spending on health and agriculture and while facilitating a voluntary initiative (through our STAND-Student Taking Action for National Development) to promote an accountable, transparent and inclusive government expenditure in a citizen-oriented budgets in the health and agriculture sectors of Bong and Lofa Counties.

Since YOTAN establishment in 2012, more than 700 young people have benefitted from our ICT, Arts, peacebuilding and training in others programs are in Montserrado, Bong and Lofa counties which Some are now using their skills in promoting democratic participation, providing public education and contributing to community development.
During the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak in Liberia, YOTAN worked with over 100 of Its STAND (Student Taking Action for National Development) volunteers in Montserrado and Lofa County to reach over 50, 000 citizens in 6 of the 15 counties of Liberia. The organization uses mobile Phones calls from an established call center at her offices, hosted community meetings, and carry on social mobilization (door-to-door outreach) to reach citizens with messages of prevention, Safety and eradication of EVD from Liberia. Our campaign targeted people in communities, market places, Towns, villages and farms. Our goal was to reach as many people as possible with life-saving messages irrespectively of where they were.


Program Details


Our programs provide prospects to youth development, and create a platforms in pursuing a transformative agendas as we have adopted using these core programs: Education, Health Promotion and Advocacy and Livelihood.


YOTAN promote learning and intellectual development, engage students in thoughtful discussion of career focus with putting emphasis on ICT, Arts and STEM, Support students with special needs by offering scholarships, especially those at-risk youth to achieve success in school and prevent them from dropping out. Through our IT-iLab, we provide training to young people in different IT tracks as Web Technologies, Networks, Multimedia, and Programming for them to become qualified ICT and Arts proficient.
Our Exploring Innovative Talents Competitions-EITC allow young people to recognize the creative and innovative abilities that they have, enabling their capacity beyond the idea that can be viewed, listened to and reflected to move their career forward as we help them realize the importance of their hidden potential.

Health promotion and advocacy

YOTAN Health promotion and advocacy is aim to positively impact the adolescent in marginalized communities through advocacy and on the ground programs that will focus on prevention and behavior change. Our goal is to increase understanding of health issues, support local communities and young people with information on improvements to health and hygiene through health education and social mobilization campaigns. We use a technological platform and voluntary outreach activities in addresses a wide range of health issues by educating communities and peer to peer on preventive methods of diarrhea, malaria, and HIV AIDS, while emphasizing on positive hygiene practices.


Our Livelihood program provides skills training and support to urban and rural poor youth, student and parents and engages them in livelihood activities, which will help them increase their income-generating capacity. We empower hundreds of community residents and youth in assuring a vibrant community by providing information financial on services and support vulnerable but economically active individuals and households in form of loans to restart local economies through initiative and employment creation to increase economic self-sufficiency.


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  • Education
  • Employment, Livelihood, Income Generation
  • Health

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