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COSEF is the first locally domiciled impact investment company in Uganda that provides financing and technical assistance to growth companies. The company’s objective is superior financial returns for investors and measurable social impact.
Subsaharan Africa
Agriculture, Communications / Media / ICT, Energy
Education, Housing, Shelter, Homelessness, Water
The Flex Fund invests in targeted Vermont growth companies that fill a gap, or strengthen the supply chain, in sustainable agriculture and food systems, forest products, renewable energy and other natural resource sectors.
Agriculture, Education, Financial Serv./Inclusion, Microfinance, Tech (more)
● Cryptocurrency Investor & Advisor ● Angel Investor ● ICO advisor ● Entrepreneur with skills in Tech & Recruitment
US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Middle East / North Africa (more)
Employment, Livelihood, Income Generation, Tech, Web, SaaS, Online Tech, Other (more)
Lightbox is India's leading venture Capital Firms investing in early-stage consumer tech startups
We help investors align their values with their investments, by identifying high quality early stage deal flow of companies that stimulate positive social and environmental change.
a leading East African private equity firm focusing ... EACP have raised the ATMT Fund 1, LLC, which is a US$ 100m Fund
Subsaharan Africa
Communications / Media / ICT, Web, SaaS, Online Tech
I am an investor keen on investing in a lucrative, calculated viable business, either by partnership or as a financier.
US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Middle East / North Africa (more)
Agriculture, Civic Participation, Disaster Recovery, Employment, Livelihood, Income Generation (more)
Mercy Corps sees complex global challenges as an invitation: to pioneer paths out of poverty, to forge new partnerships, to create solutions that break through entrenched challenges. But the traditional grant-based model of funding international development is limiting. It rarely promotes the flexibility and experimentation required to test new models — models that could deliver social benefit to millions of people in the developing world. Mercy Corps’ Social Venture Fund provides early-stage financing and post-investment support to create and grow scalable, self-sustaining businesses that improve people’s lives in an enduring way. We do this by pairing our deep, on-the-ground insight into local customs and markets with a unique blend of capital and targeted business expertise. Capitalized by philanthropic contributions, we structure the Mercy Corps Social Venture Fund so that our highest-potential emerging ventures receive the early-stage support needed to learn, adapt and grow. Those that demonstrate financial sustainability, social impact and scale in the proof-of-concept and acceleration phases are connected with investors for follow-on funding to reach commercial viability.
Latin America, Middle East / North Africa, Subsaharan Africa, Southeast Asia (more)
Agriculture, Distribution / Supply Chain, Employment, Livelihood, Income Generation, Financial Serv./Inclusion, Microfinance (more)
Clean and Green Technology, Energy, Enterprise Development, SME, Environment, Climate Change (more)
YIO organizes the training and further development events for its members, and creates and maintains a sustainable cohesion among its members.
US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Middle East / North Africa (more)
The mission of the Club is to provide opportunities for partners to invest in new companies with high growth potential and achieve excellent financial returns.
Latin America
Agriculture, Arts, Culture, Handicrafts, Civic Participation, Clean and Green Technology (more)
Oil merchant