ThinkBiz Africa, a project by Think Renewables Our company, ThinkBiz Africa, is building a network of Small Business (SBiz) Centres that generates income and supports education and job creation in underserved communities, especially for girls.

Clean and Green Technology; Education; Environment, Climate Change



The core of our revenue-generating infrastructure is our solar-powered Small Business (SBiz) Centres, which electrify rural villages, expand educational opportunities, and deliver a variety of complimentary products and services. To create these SBiz Centres, we combined our most advanced knowledge delivery system with two proven revenue-generating systems that each have more than four years of operational experience. The first is a solar powered convenience store by SOLARKIOSK, which has over 100 operational locations in East Africa, and the second is a solar powered micro-grid by Infrastructure for Sustainable Development (i4SD), which has multiple installations in Africa and Latin America.

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ThinkBiz Africa!

Target Market

We estimate that one SBiz Centre for every 7,000 people in Rural Africa. Since there are about 695m people in rural Africa now, we calculate that the total available market of about 99k and the serviceable obtainable market is estimate to be about 15% of this number, or 15,000, which we think is very conservative. For example, the rural population is expected to be about 100m larger in 10 years.

We are focused on underserved markets with little or no competition. Each centre is expected to include a solar micro-grid, retail store, communication system and an education eLibrary. As market opportunities arise, other complementary businesses, such as a clean water service are planned to be added.

How We Create Impact

Our business creates numerous social beneļ¬ts. Along with electricity and health products for communities and nearby schools, substantial free educational information, electricity and Internet service are provided for these schools. As well, communication service is available to support distance education, telemedicine, and entrepreneurship.
In addition to supporting education, these Small Business (SBiz) Centres facilitate local job creation by effectively creating an entrepreneurship eco-system. As well, these SBiz Centres can support local governance though training and, if allowed, facilitate access to government-operated information management systems.

Date Founded

August 15, 2014


3) Prototype/ Pilot

Revenues in the Last 12 Months

Although there has not been revenue as a result of sale of full SBiz Centres, we and our partners continue to generate revenue from our respective products, which are included in an SBiz Centre.



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3) Prototype/ Pilot



Deadline: September 30, 2017



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